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 Vitamin K

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PostSubject: Vitamin K   Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:11 pm

So, if I am on warfarin, should I avoid eating foods that contain vitamin K? By now you should know that the answer to this question is "NO!!!"
It is a common misconception that people on warfarin should avoid vitamin K. As is indicated above, reducing your vitamin K intake can cause your INR to increase and may make it more difficult to control. Rather than avoiding vitamin K, you should maintain a consistent intake of vitamin K by maintaining a consistent diet. In other words, from week to week, you should eat the same types of foods. (more...)

Here is a list with what contains vitamin K, but I don't like their opening line about avoiding vitamin K.
Vitamin K aids blood clotting, protects the heart, and helps to build bones.
Those who need to increase their Vitamin K intake can select foods from this high Vitamin K food summary list.
Others, who wish to avoid Vitamin K because they are taking Coumadin, may also use the list to help themselves avoid excessive blood thickening. Vitamin K (blood thickener, clotting agent) decreases the action of Coumadin (warfarin - blood thinner, stroke preventer). It is not necessary to take Vitamin K supplements, to achieve a high level of Vitamin K nutrition.

Other sites:

Vitamin K Regulated Diet

Vitamine K and Coumadin guidelines


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PostSubject: Re: Vitamin K   Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:50 am

We have a saying where I come from. Dose the diet you eat, do not diet the dose of the Coumadin your on. In other words, eat foods as you normally would and have the Coumadin adjusted for the diet that you eat. Your body needs those green veggies as much as protein or anything else to promote good health.

Never get trapped up in trying to control your vit K intake by any chart. All you'll do is become frustrated and set yourself up for yo yoing INR's.
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Vitamin K
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