This site is for people with DVT, seeking comfort and information from others who understand from personal experience.
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 Stopping Coumadin

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PostSubject: Stopping Coumadin   Stopping Coumadin Icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2008 3:16 pm

I had a serious PE in August of 07. The contributing factors included a leg injury 3 years previous (knee was crushed by a golf cart and leg was chronically swollen), started birth control to delay period while on vacation, and plane travel from Toronto to Vancouver (and luckily) back. Doctors suggested I would need blood thinners for 6-9 months and then due to seriousness of the bilateral multiple blood clots to the lungs changed duration to 1 year. I am now at 14 months and wonder (and worry) if I can safely stop the Coumadin. Are there tests that can reassure me that this will be safe? Anyone gone through this process? I did experience some compromised heart valves (prolapse to both mitral and tricuspid valves) and don't know if I would handle a PE again. I now shy away from horseback riding while on Coumadin and miss it but don't feel I should take the chance of an accident and bleeding.
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PostSubject: Re: Stopping Coumadin   Stopping Coumadin Icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2008 4:00 pm

Hi Debbie,

Hmmmm, Aug 07 that sounds familliar...(that is when I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg, no PE)
Presently, I am still on anticoagulants and will be on for another year (MINIMUM) I'm trying to think who has gone off anticoags that could answer your querry.
Let me think and will get back to you.
I'll use a pigeon from Ottawa... Smile

scratch Starting to see more and more folks from the equestrian world, could there be a rapport between DVT and hoses???
affraid Yes, I'm kidding... Seeing objects being thrown at me from all over the world .
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Stopping Coumadin
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