This site is for people with DVT, seeking comfort and information from others who understand from personal experience.
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 Shortness of breath after DVT+PE?!

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PostSubject: Shortness of breath after DVT+PE?!   Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:03 am

Hey everyone!
im so glad and thankful for all of you, being here is a huge support and i feel everyone knows and understands what im talking about!
I had my DVT in the left thigh in August 09 and a minor PE 2 weeks after which sent me back the hospital and now i have an ICV filter which should be removed next month.
Im still on worfarin, Dr. said should take it for a full year, a very small dose of 1.5 mg a day skipping once a week to maintain an INR between 2-3.
when i first had the DVT, my left thigh was 14 cm bigger than the right one, now i have 1 cm difference in the calf and 2 cm in the thight between my DVT leg and my healthy one! which i hope will go away and wnt mind if it stays after all what i have been through!
my leg swells after a long day and i still wear the stupid sock.. I do have the moving pain, hip, ankle, thigh, calf... just like the ones Jess mentioned especially after the gym and i think we will need to live with it!!
My questions to you: how often do you experience shortness of breath?! this is killing me, i feel like i cant breathe most of the time, im scared to mention it to my husband and mother as i dnt want them to worry but im short of breath most of the time, do u feel so?!

Thanx again for your support, it means alot Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Shortness of breath after DVT+PE?!   Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:59 pm

Hi Masa,
First off, yes I wish people did not have to be here, Life, During and After DVT can be awful, but welcome to our new reality...

As a DVT survivor, I never experienced the PE aspect of this, so personally I can not say if what you are experiencing is normal or not.
I simply wanted to let you know that, yes somebody is reading the posts, sometimes it takes times to get an answer to our queries, people that do have the answers have lives of their own.
Hope that somebody that has lived through a PE can help you .

But again, welcome to LADVT.
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Shortness of breath after DVT+PE?!
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