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 First clot GONE...but now what?

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PostSubject: First clot GONE...but now what?   Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:59 pm

Here is the latest about my life with my first DVT. I have been off work healing an acute ankle sprain and a DVT in my lower left calf. After seven months on anticoagulants...I have been given good news, the clot is FINALLY gone and dissolved; which is great news correct>? Then why am I so terrified and confused??

Here are my reasons, 1. My GP suddenly states, "well now you can get off the anticoagulants"! which I think yes is awesome however......
2. In the early stages, I tested positive for Protein C and Protein S deficiency AND Lupus anticoagulant; Which my doc initially thought may just have been because I was on blood thinners, SO....I have therefore had to suggest to my GP, "don't you think now I should have those blood tests again now that I am off the thinners?". She has at least supported that...because I still want to be certain about IF I do or DO NOT have a predisposition for clotting....doesn't that seem logical??? Am I missing something here? Why..oh why did I have to make this suggestion to my GP??? So at least that is going to happen.

3. Next concern; have been tested for a variety of Arthritic ailments, figured I had time off why not get full picture...well...I have tested positive for Ankylosing Spondylitis (have the genetic marker) for this...found a rheumatologist however who thinks that no, I do not have that....I like "just have Fibromyalgia". So, I have to have an MRI to verify....that has to happen yet. But, my GP practically refused to allow me to have that even occur..I had to INSIST a few timesss before she supported that. So, I wait for those tests to occur too.

4. Next concern: seeing a Nerve Specialist because I likely have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome have to see how my nerves work and see if I get some answers there too.

It is simply overwhelming what has YET to occur...yes, the clot is finally gone and I am STOKED...however, there are still many questions not yet answered. I simply wonder, if maybe I just need a new GP because my GOSH I have had to advocate a LOT for answers, simple stuff I thought she would have on hand and or offer but she did not....and it has been frustrating.

Now I am getting pressure to go back to work, but my GOSH, I don't feel ready...until I know for certain what is REALLY going on, I dont feel ready..I am a teacher and just not sure I can do it. Does this make ANY sense to ANYONE ??????

need some support here...just so confused. Elated.....but confused; and feeling like my body is riddled with mystery still.....and I just feel like I need answers before I go back. I just worry that my disability claim will be denied...cause the clot is "gone"...but certainly not no way shape or form is it forgotten...

any suggestions??

Thanks...feeling confused.
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First clot GONE...but now what?
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