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 Lovenox to Warfrain (Coumadin) Also Compression Stockings

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PostSubject: Lovenox to Warfrain (Coumadin) Also Compression Stockings   Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:32 am

It's been a while since I've posted on here. So far I've been dealing with my DVT for 8 months now. All has been going well with my doctor and my medication. I still have to go to monthly visits and have to take 2 doses of lovenox through injection daily.

Anyways my doctor has been referring to the anticoagulant medication Warfrain a lot lately, but my parents and I have been wondering whether it would be a good thing to switch to it now. I've read online that there are a lot and I mean a lot of side effects from it, some minor to major ones, ya know like death and the usual bad stuff. I am getting very annoyed though with the constant thought of reminding myself to take a shot when I need it. When I first posted here it was in September, and since then i've taken a whopping ~440 shots through my stomach. Currently only 17 years old Evil or Very Mad

So my question is to the people who are on these medications or have switched from injections to tablets. Have you have any bad side effects from the medication? As much as I loathe syringes and needles now, (not scared just sick of them in general) I will still be willing to take them if necessary.

Is there any website or place I can purchase some sort of custom stocking haha? Maybe in different colors. I'm currently using a calf-high stocking which helps unbelievably well. Even if there isn't what stocking works best for you? Thanks and I'll appreciate a response!
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenox to Warfrain (Coumadin) Also Compression Stockings   Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:37 am

PS: What pain medicine works best for everyone? Currently I'm on Tylenol 3 wit Codeine. It's helps a little bit, but makes me super lazy and tired a lot of the time, and being an active person I hate this feeling.
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenox to Warfrain (Coumadin) Also Compression Stockings   Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:40 pm

Eh Jess,
Not everybody has bad side effects to Warfarin, many of my friends who do take anticoags do take Warfarin and don't have any issues with it, I wish I was one of them...
I did the warfarin, did the injections and like you, it was not that I had problems with needles but after a while, injections sites get painfull so on an so forth... You know all about that.

If I were you (i know I'm not) but, I would give Wafarin a try, it's cheaper then Lovenox by miles and it's oral. Only then can you know for sure if you have issues with Warfarin.
Death is USUALLY not one of the side effects talked by users, yes it is used as rat poison, but in a so little quantity, compare to what is given to rats, PLUS humans can vomit and rats can't therefor they keep on injesting it until they die. they take more then we do on a daily base and look at the difference in body mass.(size) Some people.

If you do discover that you have side effects from taking warfarin, there are other oral anticoagulants on the market. Many will say "can you trust a med that is so knew?"
I'm talking Pradaxa(in the States and Pradax in Canada), I presently am taking Pradax since July 2010 and have not had any side effects. But others have had the opposite reaction...
Rivaroxaban is another new anticoag which is used mainly post-op to prevent DVTs in people who have had hip or knee replacements, but is also used as an anticoag for people who have had DVT...

You simply have to approach the matter with an open mind. In my case because I'm a "lifer" I did not want to take a drug that would affect ME in a negative way like Warfarin was doing. That is why I am on Pradax.

As for colored comp stocks, I don't know what you are looking for and what comp ratio you are wearing, but have a look here
The owner of the company has DVT, she was not happy with the tan FUGLIES that you find everywhere, so she did the research, got some $$ and opened this company and it has been doing rather well...
Have a look, maybe you'll find what you are looking for...

As for pain killers, I can't help you there, I don't take any, my legs only hurt if I don't wear my FUGLIES, so guess what? I wear them ALL the time.

Hope this helps...
Don't be a stranger.
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PostSubject: Re: Lovenox to Warfrain (Coumadin) Also Compression Stockings   

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Lovenox to Warfrain (Coumadin) Also Compression Stockings
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