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 Protein C- deficiancy

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PostSubject: Protein C- deficiancy   Protein C- deficiancy Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 4:38 pm

Hi there

My name is Antjie from South Africa. I used to be a member of the forum 2008 (Annemarie) while on warfarin after DVT and lungembolism which we thought was a complication from a severe liver laceration caused by a horseaccident and bed rest..I was taken off Warfarin in 2009...and then thought I am so lucky - not being sentenced lifelong with Warfarin...

And now....Deciding to start a family but with a history of pre-eclampsia my gynecoligist learning about my history of clots, asked if I was sent for blood screening tests before...they never did when I was in hospital in 2008.

The tests for Protein-C showed abnormal.. and indicated a critically Low. The normal should be 70 - 140% and mine showing 58%.

I was referred to a haematologist that I will see on Monday.

Can anyone give me some information about the causes and treatment normally prescribed? Realy hope I don't have to go back on Warfarin... I have started myself on aspirin as I feel at risk after the blood tests and my appointment only Monday.

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PostSubject: Re: Protein C- deficiancy   Protein C- deficiancy Icon_minitimeWed Jul 31, 2013 7:37 am

Did you get any answers to this? I have a def in C and S.?
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Protein C- deficiancy
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