This site is for people with DVT, seeking comfort and information from others who understand from personal experience.
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 My journey

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PostSubject: My journey   Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:44 pm

My DVT journey began in July of 2001. I was 45, very fit, worked out like a fiend, adult college student, parent of two wonderful daughters and wife of 19 years. I was also experiencing perimenopausal symptons and was placed on birth control pills for maintaining these symptons.

After a very full week of workouts and summer classes, I began to feel a pulling sensation in my left leg. I also had a very small round red spot about 1 inch above my ankle. I saw my orthopedist who put me in a boot cast and diagnosed a torn tendon belly. About 2 days after seeing him, my leg began swelling, turning red, my toes turned blue and I could not longer put any weight on my leg. It took me 3 more days to get in and see the doc, when I took the boot off, he turned white white and sent me to the er at the nearest hospital. The sonographer at the hospital had me lay still after she started and ran to get the radiologist. My clot started at my ankle and ran the full length up to my groin. They admitted me, began me on lovenox injections and coumadin. I went home the next day being followed by home nursing and no walking for 3 months. During my hospital stay I was tested for Factor V leiden which turned up positive - heterozygous. I was maintained on coumadin for 6 months - but never really got into a therapuetic range. I began wearing my fugley in October - I asked for it earlier on, but was told it was too early for it. The pain and swelling was horrible and without the fugley my leg stayed purple and blue.

I watched my diet and weight, did all the right things and stayed clot free until 2007 when I was in a mild rear end auto accident. I was the car that was hit. I must have stressed my leg during the accident and developed another DVT in my left leg. This time I was treated at the er and referred to a hemotologist. He put me on coumadin right away with lovenox until my INR became in range.

In September of 2009 I got a antibiotic resistant pneumonia and spent a long time going into and out of the hospital. I was sent home with a pic line and home nursing, but went back into the hospital numerous times. During one admission, it was discovered that I had a PE in my left lung, but the pneumonia was in my right lung. I went home on lots of meds and numerous visits to my hemotologist and pulmonologist. The PE has caused shortness of breath and asthma which I take meds for now.

To say the least, my life changed, now any exercise is being done with a physical therapist in the room. I'm lucky, my therapist has a full gym with an amazing Alter G tredmill - I can run and not put too much weight on my leg and decreased lung stress.

Once again I got my life back on track, the anxiety decreased and I thought I was doing everything right. I stayed in range with my INR with weekly self testing, good diet, good exercise and healthy living.

In August of 2011 that all changed again. I was an English Second Language kindergarten teacher for many years. In 2011 I changed from a very high risk school, to a middle class neighborhood school, again as an ESL kinder teacher. The first week of school I had a very violent student brought to me from another classroom. He was kicked out due to his behavior and I was asked to keep him with me until his parents were located. I accepted him into my classroom not knowing his history or what his infraction was that day. I was the only new teacher in the school, so I didn't know who he was, and was the only person who allowed him into their room. My children were playing after lunch and the "student" started a fight with one of my nonEnglish speakers. I stepped in to stop it, and the "student" pushed me down and began kicking me in the legs. I was wearing a brace on my right (good) leg which has severe arthritis in the knee, so I wasn't able to move quickly. Once I grabbed the young man's feet, he began punching me. One of my students ran and got another teacher who was able to help me up. Two hours after the assault I felt that odd little pain and pull every time I placed my foot on the floor. I went to the er where the doc told me that it was impossible for me to have another DVT since I was still on coumadin. I forced the issue and had an ultrasound which showed once again - another DVT. The er doc increased my coumadin and told me to follow up with my hemo.

So, I'm now a coumadin failure and am taking lovenox twice a day - injections in my belly! The pain in my leg is keeping me from working, the anxiety worrying that I will get injured again keeps me in the house most of the time. I've had some psychotherapy to help with the PTSD from the assault, and am currently getting disability. I hate what this has done to my life - but I'm looking forward to what is yet to come. I'm going to begin online classes and maybe get another degree - I have a BS in psychology and one in early childhood education. I'm endorsed in ESL and will be finishing my reading specialty as soon as I get my act in gear.

I will never be a classroom teacher again, fear and lack of school support is keeping me away, as well as the pain and inability to take the necessary rest time I will need to continue in education.

More importantly, I have learned what it takes to be a proponent of my own health, how to not put doctors on a pedastal and realize that they are not always right. My younger daughter also has Factor V leiden and even without any DVT's under her belt, she has established a relationship with my hemotologist and knows what is to come if she wants to have kids. We have both been diagnosed with MTHFR - another clotting disorder.

At least now we know. cyclops
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PostSubject: Re: My journey   Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:11 pm

Hi temar,
and welcomed to LADVT yet another site, what a story that is and you arrive with a full bag of experience.
I can now see why you want to investigate the new anticoagulants, I was on tanzaparin injection for a year and YES the injection site was a warzone.
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My journey
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