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 Juices and eating well

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PostSubject: Juices and eating well   Juices and eating well Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 7:23 pm

Hi all, i am on Warfarin due to two blood clots, but i am now getting Ulcers on both my legs, as my skin is thining and the slightest knock results in another Ulcer.

See my doctor today about coming off Warferin, he said i had three choices, come off and take a chance on another clot,stay on or see a consultant about a new drug which does the same as warfarin but without side effects and you can eat what you like.

The reason why i thought of coming off was my son had done a lot of research into juicing fruit and veg, and said there were a lot of fruits that thin the blood, also veg, he wants me to give it a try, its a big step to take, i really only stayed on Warfarin because i had done long haul holidays.

Any help or ideas.

Chris UK.
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PostSubject: Re: Juices and eating well   Juices and eating well Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 1:22 pm

Hi Chris,
hope we were meeting because of better situations, but you are here, welcome to LADVT.
Usually, after two clot you are a lifer, well that's how it is in Canada & the USA. Odd.
Concerning your three choices, after my first clot I was in that same predicament, to stay on anticoags and be safe, stop anticoags and see what happens, actually I had two, I had been on one of the new drugs (on the trial) and so I opted for the second choice, stop all anticoags.
Two years later, another clot in my other leg, now I'm a lifer on anticoags and I'm on Pradax. Been taking it since 2011 and so far that has been the cat's meow. Smile
-No INR testing
-No dietary restrictions
-Daily, fix, oral dosage (2X 150mg)
-and I have no side effects to it.(I had Baaaaad side effects with warfarin)

About stopping and juicing, have you talked about it with your Dr.?
I think that unless your son is a scientist and knows exactly the content and amount of each fruit and/or veggy, I (personally) would not go that way, but that is me... and I am no specialist, just another DVT survivor.
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Juices and eating well
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