This site is for people with DVT, seeking comfort and information from others who understand from personal experience.
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 Depressed after DVT

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Depressed after DVT Empty
PostSubject: Depressed after DVT   Depressed after DVT Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2014 4:49 pm

Hello everyone

Cant express how happy i am to found this site

Im zatia 33 y/o from uae, 5 months ago id suffer from pain and swell in my leg for more than a week. I went to the hospital and the GP just gave me an anti inflammatory never helps. Again i went to the other hospital and almost the same thing happen, the doctor recommend xray and the result is normal, bloodtest--bec shes suspecting that it was a uric acid etc..etc...and at the end she just prescribe an anti inflammatory drug. I refused her and told her to refer me to specialist instead.

She referred me to the cardiologist and after doing ECG, USdoppler and D dimer they found out that i had DVT on my left leg lower extremities.
I stay in the hospital for four days in ICU, they gave me lovenox and warfarin(still taking warfarin until nov.15)

Swelling come and go for more than a month and now its gone my leg and foot goes back to its normal size.....the pain? sometimes its there, sometimes nothing at all. But there's somethings i noticed if i removed my stocking i felt that my leg and knee are weak. Is it normal? And if I walk very fast or do a stationary jogging i dont feel anything. But if i stopped it...the feeling of weakness and ticklish are there again

Is there a chance to be a clot free forever after dvt?? Or its just a miracle

Im so depressed already. Im in the office for 10 hours and i spent half of it crying on my table or in the bathroom cause of this illness. Ive been trying to divert my thoughts to forget it but when i go back home and become alone again depression will hit me.

Please help me
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Depressed after DVT
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